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Difference between Language & Linguistics

What is Language? Language is a kind of means of communication among human beings. It primarily consists of vocal sounds. Language is: Human Verbal Symbol system ...

Parts of speech-Interjections and types of Interjections

What is an interjection? The part of speech that demonstrates the feelings and emotions is called an interjection. It is considered the least important part...

Parts of speech- Conjunction and types of Conjunction

What is a conjunction? This part of speech is used to join different words, phrases, and sentences. It means the correlative and linking words that...

Parts of speech- Preposition and types of Preposition

What is a Preposition? A word that indicates the relation, logic, space & sequence between a noun and the other parts of the sentence is...

Parts of speech- Adverb & kinds of Adverb

What is an Adverb? A word that is used to add something to the meaning of a verb, another adverb, or an adjective is called...

Parts of speech- Verb & kinds of Verb

What is a Verb? Word "VERB" is derived from the Latin word “verbum” which means in syntax “conveys an action or a state of being”....

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